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Dishwasher Repair Service

Looking for dishwasher repair? Whether you need dishwasher repair or dishwasher rack repair, GoodToGo Appliance Repair can come to the rescue. In all homes, washing dishes is an everyday activity. Doing it as quickly and efficiently as possible is part of keeping your home hygienic and safe from germs. A dishwasher saves you time because it uses less water while at the same time, enables you to put all the kitchen utensils in one wash.

The hot water that rinses everything during the last wash eliminates germs that have stuck to the kitchen utensils, pots, and dishes. Regulate the amount of electricity and water you use by increasing or decreasing the temperature. These are options you simply don't have when you hand wash. For this reason, there are a lot of reasons to keep your dishwasher well-maintained.

With daily use of the dishwasher comes the necessity of keeping it well-maintained. Keeping your dishwasher in good shape by having it checked up regularly will save you a lot of effort, hassle, and money down the road. When it comes to electric appliances, a common misconception is that if it ain't broke, there is nothing to fix.

We Fix Dishwashers

If your dishwasher is broken, we can help. The constant strain your appliances go through in the home will inevitably cause wear and tear. In case your dishwasher is starting to emit a strange noise or simply won't turn on the way it used to, it may be time to call the experts at GoodToGo Appliance Repair.

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Common Dishwasher Issues:

If your dishwasher isn’t working right, chances are, you’re experiencing one of the below problems; all of which we can determine through an inspection and fix either the same day or after the correct parts are ordered.

Dishwasher Doesn’t Start

Yes, it’s annoying when you load up the dishwasher and get ready to press that convenient start button and nothing happens. That’s why you should call us right away. The problem could be a multitude of causes, such as the door not fully latching, motor malfunctions, stuck fan arms, outlet or power issues etc. We really can’t figure this out over the phone so it’s best to set a diagnostic appointment so we can get to the bottom of it and restore your unit quickly.

Dishwasher Leaking

When your dishwasher leaks water onto the floor, the first things we’ll typically look for are door issues and float switch malfunctions. If the door gasket has been damaged or something is stuck in the sealing areas, it might not close completely and that would result in water spilling out. On the other hand, if the switch that controls water levels is broken or stuck in the wrong position, your unit could overfill and leak. Either way, we’ll not only uncover the issue but resolve it for you during our dishwasher service.

Glasses Washed in Dishwasher Have a Film On Them

If your dishwasher is producing a foggy film on glasses, it’s likely a hard water issue in which minerals present in your water supply are transferring onto your dishes during the wash cycle. You’ll need to try different washing agents and rinses to resolve this one.

Glasses Washed in Dishwasher Have a Film On Them

If the latch itself is broken, there is an obstruction or a hinge has been damaged, the door might not close all the way. We’ll need to take a closer look in person to find the real cause and get it fixed for you.

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Dishwasher Not Drying Dishes

Usually when dishes aren’t drying fully in the dishwasher, there is a problem with the heating element. We have the equipment and eye to identify when this is the case. Sometimes the rinse dispenser is clogged and not releasing correctly. Whatever the cause, our job is to find the issue and fix it.

Dishes Aren’t Getting Clean in Dishwasher

If your dishes are coming out dirty from the dishwasher and you’re not doing anything to cause this, such as overloading or failing to rinse before loading, we definitely need to come investigate because it could be a number of issues. Perhaps internal parts are dirty, maybe the spinning arms are stuck or perhaps there is a blockage in the door gasket or strain screen. We’ll inspect your unit and determine the problem so we can start fixing it.

Dishwasher Is Really Noisy

A modern dishwasher shouldn’t be so noisy it becomes a nuisance. Noise is usually a reliable sign of a bigger internal problem. Bent wash arms, broken seals or bearing rings, pump or motor malfunctions can all result in rattling sounds and loud noises. It’s best to call us right away so we can find the issue before it results in a bigger problem.

Dishwasher Smells Funky

No one wants a whiff of stink when they open the very appliance that is meant to clean the stuff inside of it. Mostly likely food or another item has fallen where it shouldn’t and is stuck inside your unit rotting. We can come and look for the culprit so we can eliminate it.

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