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Microwave Repair Services

Does your microwave need repair as soon as possible? If, you need to find someone who repairs microwaves near you so you can get it done soon. No need to worry GoodToGo Appliance Repair is here!

Food tastes so much better when it’s hot! It is so convenient to have a microwave at home to heat your food from the refrigerator or you can actually cook a few using the microwave itself! For a person who is always on the go, a microwave is a must at home. So it must be hard if your microwave breaks down and needs repair. You cannot take it to a shop that takes forever to repair, bring it to the best and known quality appliance repair service and that is us. Call us and you will know why people recommend our appliance repair services.

We do not just have the top quality, but we also make sure everything is repaired swiftly so you can use your appliances for your convenience. Our repair company can fix your microwave immediately, not unless a part is broken and we need to order that material from the brand company. The turnaround time of the item depends on the brand of your microwave.

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4 Common Microwave Repair Services We Do

Just like other home appliances, sometimes, a microwave stops working. It may be because it is already broken, or only a part of it. Hence, the fixing. When you bring your microwave with us, we examine the parts and the problem carefully to understand the real cause of the appliance failure.

Here are the common microwave problems we encounter:

Microwave Is Not Heating

Imagine you are from work and you are excited to eat a dish. You heat it in your microwave and when you get it, it still turns out to be cold food. A microwave not heating is one of the most common problems we encounter, it is quite tough to fix, but it can be done. This usually happens because of magnetron failure. If your magnetron is already burnt, this piece cannot be repaired. So we need a new piece to replace it and your microwave will be fixed.

Microwave Is Not Running Or Microwave Stops Running

When you use your microwave and it will not run, or the microwave runs for a bit then suddenly stops, this may be because of a faulty door. It may also be because of the defective fan motor. No worries, these can all be repaired. We can fix these things for you. However, if you encounter this problem, make sure you check first if your electricity is good and the plug is not loose.

Microwave Plate Is Not Spinning

If your microwave plate is no longer spinning, this may have happened because the rotation motor below the place is no longer working. It is either broken or burnt out. You can count on us on fixing this one because rotation motors can be replaced and we can do that for you.

Microwave Buttons Are Not Working

If your microwave buttons or microwave touchpad is not working, then you cannot choose a program that allows you to cook or heat your meals the way you want. The touchpad is not working because of the control board or membrane switch is faulty. This is something that we can repair for you.

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Appliance Brands We Repair, Maintain and Install

At Good To Go Appliance Repair, we are equipped to handle most major brands for repair, maintenance and installation. We cater to the below brands. If you don’t see your brand listed, simply call us to clarify whether we can service your appliance.

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