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Refrigerators are characterized by containing thermally insulated compartments that do not let heat and cold enter or leave the inner chamber. These insulated compartments extend how long we can store our food safely. This extension in the storage limit of our food has made our life very easy and healthier. This is not only good for our health but also can increase savings and overall comfort.

It is a fact that a refrigerator or fridge is a gadget that is part and parcel of almost every home in the present-day world. Sometimes, however, this gadget gets out of order due to some mishandling or any electrical disturbances.

Our company is always at your doorsteps in order to assist you with your refrigerator service needs. We solve your problem by making it ours. Our company is well known for years due to its experienced and quality services through many expert technicians.

We have been in the business of refrigerators and other home appliances repairing for years. In the present time, our company comprises many service providers that are based in a number of different regions and locations in order to serve the maximum number of people through solving their problems.

We are here to repair your refrigerator if it is down or out of order. Due to their past experience and related education, our technicians can handle almost each and every brand that is being used in our houses.

For example, our technicians can easily repair and install all the refrigerators and fridges of LG, Samsung, Whirlpool, Haier, PEL, Orient, Kenwood, Waves, and many others that are present in the market. As we are in the business of refrigerator repair for decades, our technicians have gained much experience with different brands of refrigerators and now can handle each small and big problem of your fridges.

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Reliable Refrigerator Diagnosis & Repair

It is a scientific fact that a refrigerator is not just a simple gadget or appliance that gives you cold water and keeps your food healthy and fresh for a longer time, remember it is a device that converts electricity into the cold. Hence, it is a complex and complicated device that cannot be handled by everyone.

If it is out of order, experienced and expert technicians can only tell what problem it is having or how it can be recovered or repaired. It requires proper knowledge and know how of the machinery of the refrigerator of each brand and company.

With experienced and qualified technicians for repairing your refrigerator, you can be sure that the diagnosis and repairing work can be more reliable and at the same time. Many technicians who are a newbie in this field, are present in the market who not only repair your refrigerator in the wrong way but also make the condition of your present refrigerator worse.

On the other hand, if you consult an expert and experienced technician, he will not only repair your refrigerator according to the set rules of art but also make it possible that your machine will not get out of order again.

In terms of appliance repair service, some technicians just keep on repairing your refrigerator no matter how much worse its condition is. They sometimes charge more than the price of a brand-new fridge. It is also a benefit of the experienced and expert technician that he tells you when to replace your refrigerator with a new one.

Furthermore, an experienced repairer can tell you the wear and tear of different parts of the refrigerator and its different parts so that you will be able to replace these parts before the bigger problems arise.

Here are common refrigerator malfunctions we resolve:

Refrigerator Leaking

There are many factors that can prove to be the cause of a refrigerator to leak. It might be a faulty valve, a punctured pipe, a deicing water drainage pipe failure.

Whatever the problem be, it depends upon the technician that he makes an accurate and to the point diagnosis and then gives an appropriate solution. Our technicians can travel to your home on just a simple service call by you to solve all of the problems you are having due to your refrigerator.

It is our job and duty to send you qualified and experienced technicians along with quality spare parts to repair your out of order fridge.

Among other things that we do to assist you is repairing the broken freezers. If you are having difficulty in finding a repairer for your refrigerator leakage, your time of difficulty is over. We have the most experienced, qualified, and expert staff that do the repairing work efficiently and quickly.

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Appliance Brands We Repair, Maintain and Install

At Good To Go Appliance Repair, we are equipped to handle most major brands for repair, maintenance and installation. We cater to the below brands. If you don’t see your brand listed, simply call us to clarify whether we can service your appliance.

Refrigerator Won’t Cool

If your refrigerator is warm and won’t get cold, you need to call us right away. The likely culprit is condenser coils. We’ll inspect them, clean them and then also investigate the fan motor to make sure everything is working as it should. Uncovering why a fridge won’t get cold can be a difficult problem to solve so it’s best to leave this to our professionals.

Thermostat Problems

The thermostat works for cooling purposes, i.e., it makes your refrigerator's inner portion. When your refrigerator starts heating problems, it might be because of an out of order thermostat, or it may be the problem with the defrost clock.

In this situation, refrigerator tubes remain cold while producing no coldness in the inner chamber of the refrigerator. Our technicians can assist you in solving this problem efficiently and quickly.

No matter who you are. Whether you are an individual or you are a professional, the freezer is always a very important tool for everyone. Whenever the freezer or fridge breaks down, it must be repaired as soon as possible.

However, there must be no hurry in finding the person for its repair as you might come across the eccentric technicians who will damage your refrigerator more. In this regard, we might be the perfect selection as we have experienced and qualified experts.

Our technicians are well-trained and expert in repairing the refrigerators of a comprehensive range. We always make it possible that your home refrigerator runs smoothly for a longer period of time after repairing.

Refrigerator Constantly Running

When a refrigerator constantly cycles without rest, it uses up a lot of energy and causes a higher energy bill. Usually the reason this happens is dirt and debris collecting around the coils. We’ll safely turn off the power and check the condition of your coils to ensure cleanliness. We’ll also inspect your current temperature setting to see if it’s appropriate. Sometimes if the temp is too low, the refrigerator will run constantly to keep the setting stable. Whatever the issue, the only way to know for sure is for us to complete a full diagnosis.

Refrigerator Is Loud and Noisy

Most modern refrigerators are quiet enough not to disrupt your peace. If your fridge is fairly old, it’s possible the noise is a result of inefficiencies due to older parts. If your fridge is fairly new and it’s running loudly, it can typically be traced back to a fan motor, either condenser or evaporator. We’ll conduct a thorough inspection to get to the bottom of it and restore the silence in your home.

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Following are the refrigerators our technicians work on:

  • Top freezer refrigerators
  • Bottom freezer refrigerators
  • French door refrigerators
  • Side-by-side refrigerators
  • Compact refrigerators
  • Counter-depth or built-in refrigerators
  • Freezer repair
  • Ice maker repair

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