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U-Line Appliance Repair Services

U-Line appliances are considered to be one of the most reliable and attested kitchen appliances. U-Line can offer you top of the shelf refrigerators, wine coolers and ice makers. However, no matter how known and trusted a U-Line is, its appliances could still malfunction over time and need repair. If you are looking for a U-Line appliance repair service, GoodToGo Appliance Repair are the appliance guys that will save the day for you.

U-Line refrigerator repair

U-Line Refrigerator Repair

Nowadays, we don’t even have to worry about the food or other grocery items getting spoiled. We can stack up for a week’s grocery and fruits will not even rot. All thanks to refrigerators! U-Line offers a variety of refrigerators including 24 inch refrigerator or the 18 inch refrigerator, they also have difference refrigerator drawers, all made with unique features for your needs. All of these are made for our convenience. However, refrigerators are not indestructible and may need repair over time.

After quite some time, refrigerators will wear out and would need maintenance. If that happens, just ring GoodToGo Appliance Repair and we will be there at your doorstep in no time.

U-Line ice maker repair

Usual U-Line Refrigerator Problems

  • Refrigerator is not cold enough: Make sure that the fridge is properly plugged in to a stable electric source. Check the settings or the thermostat of the refrigerator is turned way up and not down. Securely close the doors of the fridge. If none of this works, call us to check your refrigerator and fix it for you.
  • Refrigerator is has excessive noise: The sound of a cold canned soft drinks when you open it sounds great and relaxing, but the sound of a noisy refrigerator is distracting. It might be noisy because of a faulty condenser fan and evaporator fan. If the sound of your refrigerator is significantly loud, call us so we can check which is broken. If there are other factors too, we can identify them.
  • The water is leaking to the floor: If this happens, the defrost chamber might have a problem. The leak could also happen because the defrost drain is blocked. If your fridge is leaking, call us immediately.
  • Too much ice build up in the fridge: Securely close the doors of your refrigerator properly because one of the reasons of too much ice build up is humidity level. It is also possible that your door seal is broken. If this is the case, ring us and we will repair your door.
U-Line appliance repair
U-Line refrigerator repair
U-Line ice maker repair

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